Delegate account administration

If your account is on the E2 version of the Databricks platform, you can add multiple account administrators and give them access to the account console and Account API to manage your Databricks account-level configurations, including workspace creation, delegated AWS access credentials, AWS storage configurations, and optional customer-managed VPCs. All new Databricks accounts and most existing accounts are now E2. If you are unsure which account type you have, contact your Databricks representative.


A unique email address can belong to exactly one Databricks account at a time.

To add an account admin using the account console:

  1. Log in to the account console as an account owner or account admin.

    Initially only the account owner has access to the account console, so the account owner must add the first account admins.

  2. Click the Users icon Account Console Users icon in the sidebar.

  3. On the Users page, click the Add user button.

  4. On the Add user page, add the user’s email address, first name, and last name.

  5. Click the Send invite button.

Databricks sends an invitation that includes a link to the account console login page, where the invited user can create a password and log in to the console.

To add an account admin using the SCIM API (Account admins), see SCIM API 2.0 (Account admins).