To manage your Databricks service, you need a few different kinds of administrator:

  • The account owner, who manages your Databricks account, including billing, subscription level, workspaces, host AWS accounts, audit logging, and high-level usage monitoring. This is typically the user who signed up for your Databricks subscription.

  • Databricks admins, who manage workspace users and groups—including single sign-on, provisioning, and access control—and workspace storage. Your account can have as many admins as you like, and admins can delegate some management tasks to non-admin users (like cluster management, for example).

    Databricks admins are members of the admin group. To give a user admin privileges, add them to the admin group using the Admin Console, the Groups API, the SCIM API, or a SCIM-enabled identity provider.

  • Users with administrative access to AWS to manage networking and security for your Databricks instance and IAM credential passthrough.

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