Manage notification destinations


This feature is in Public Preview.

In this article, you learn how to create and configure notification destinations for your workspace.

System notifications are messages that tell you when your workflow experiences a run event (start, success, and failure). By default, notifications are sent to user email addresses, but admins can configure alternate notification destinations using webhooks. This allows you to build event-driven integrations with Databricks.

You must be a Databricks workspace admin to manage notification destinations. Once configured, the destinations are available to all users.

Supported destinations for jobs

As part of the public preview, Databricks supports the following destinations for job notifications:

  • HTTP: Get an HTTP request on a configured URL with information about your job runs.

  • Slack: Instantly receive a message on a configured channel and take action on job run statuses.

Create a new notification destination

To configure a new notification destination

  1. Click your username in the top bar of the workspace and select Admin Console from the dropdown.

  2. Click the Notification destinations tab.

  3. Click +New destination.

  4. Select a destination type. The following destinations are currently supported:

    • Email

    • Slack

    • Webhook

    • MS Teams

    • PagerDuty

  5. Configure the destination based on the type.

  6. Click Create.

Slack destination

To set up a Slack destination, follow the instructions in Incoming webhooks for Slack. Paste the generated URL into your Databricks notification destination.

Add a webhook to a job

After you’ve configured a destination, you can add the notification destination to a job. For more information, see Notifications.

Users can configure up to three system destinations for each event type per job.


Notification destinations currently has the following limitations:

  • You can only configure notifications for Databricks SQL and Jobs. For more on notifications in Databricks SQL, see Alert destinations.

  • For jobs, only Slack and Webhook are currently supported as destinations.