Variant Annotation using Pipe Transformer

Any annotation method can be used on variant data using Glow’s Pipe Transformer.

For example, VEP annotation is performed by downloading annotation data sources (the cache) to each node in a cluster and calling the VEP command line script with the Pipe Transformer using a script similar to the following cell.

import glow
import json

input_vcf = "/databricks-datasets/hail/data-001/1kg_sample.vcf.bgz"
input_df ="vcf").load(input_vcf)
cmd = json.dumps([
  "--dir_cache", "/mnt/dbnucleus/dbgenomics/grch37_merged_vep_96",
  "--fasta", "/mnt/dbnucleus/dbgenomics/grch37_merged_vep_96/data/human_g1k_v37.fa",
  "--assembly", "GRCh37",
  "--format", "vcf",
  "--output_file", "STDOUT",
output_df = glow.transform("pipe", input_df, cmd=cmd, input_formatter='vcf', in_vcf_header=input_vcf, output_formatter='vcf')