MLeap ML Model Export

MLeap is a serialization format and execution engine for machine learning pipelines. You can find the package at the MLeap GitHub repo. It is an open source package and employs the Apache 2.0 license. For licensing details, see the MLeap license.


  • MLeap works with Spark versions 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, and 2.4.
  • This guide is not a comprehensive guide on MLeap. Refer to the MLeap documentation.


MLeap is included in Databricks Runtime 5.0 ML and above, a machine learning runtime that provides a ready-to-go environment for machine learning and data science. Instead of installing MLeap using the instructions below, you can simply create a cluster using Databricks Runtime ML. See Databricks Runtime for Machine Learning.

The notebooks below provide guidance on installing MLeap on Databricks and give an example of a Model Export workflow.

Export and import models in Scala

MLeap export Scala notebook

Export and import models in Python

MLeap export Python notebook