Launch a compute resource with the instance profile

This article explains how to add an instance profile to compute resource.

Instance profiles allow users, groups, and service principals to access S3 data through compute resources. Workspace administrators configure instance profiles and assign access permissions. See Configure S3 access with instance profiles.

To create a compute resource that uses an instance profile:

  1. Select or create a compute resource.

  2. Select the instance profile from the Instance Profile dropdown list. This dropdown includes all the instance profiles available to the user.

  3. Verify that you can access the S3 bucket using the following command:"s3a://<s3-bucket-name>/")
  4. If the command succeeds, that compute resource can access the S3 bucket.


Once a cluster launches with an instance profile, anyone who has attach permission to the cluster can access the underlying resources controlled by this role. To limit unwanted access, you can use cluster ACLs to restrict attach permissions.