MLflow experiment


Available in Databricks Runtime 6.0 ML.

The MLflow experiment data source provides a standard API to load MLflow experiment run data:

val df ="mlflow-experiment").load("...")


The load method supports an optional string of comma separated experiment IDs. Leaving it blank loads the MLflow experiment associated with the notebook.


The schema of the DataFrame returned by the data source is:

|-- run_id: string
|-- experiment_id: string
|-- metrics: map
|    |-- key: string
|    |-- value: double
|-- params: map
|    |-- key: string
|    |-- value: string
|-- tags: map
|    |-- key: string
|    |-- value: string
|-- start_time: timestamp
|-- end_time: timestamp
|-- status: string
|-- artifact_uri: string

MLflow experiment data source notebook