Search for tables using Data Explorer


This feature is in Public Preview.

In workspaces enabled for Unity Catalog, you can use Data Explorer to search for tables registered in Unity Catalog.

Search results don’t include:

  • Tables that you don’t have permission to see.

    In other words, for a table to appear in your search results, you must have the SELECT privilege on that table and USAGE privileges on its parent schema and parent catalog. Account admins and metastore admins have those privileges by default. All other users must be granted those privileges. See Unity Catalog privileges and securable objects.

  • Tables in the legacy Hive metastore (that is, in the hive_metastore catalog).

    To upgrade these tables to Unity Catalog and make them available for search, follow the instructions in Upgrade tables and views to Unity Catalog.

To use Data Explorer to search for tables:

  1. Click Data Icon Data to launch Data Explorer.

  2. Enter a search term.

    Data Explorer search entry

    You can search on table names, table comments, column names, and column comments.

  3. Press Enter to view the results.

    Data Explorer search results dialog

    You can narrow down the results by parent catalog and database (schema).

  4. Click the table name to view the table in Data Explorer.