Runs CLI


If you receive a 500-level error when making Runs CLI requests, Databricks recommends retrying requests for up to 10 minutes (with a minimum 30-second interval between retries).

You run Databricks Runs CLI subcommands by appending them to databricks runs.

databricks runs --help
Usage: databricks runs [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Utility to interact with jobs runs.

  -v, --version   [VERSION]
  --debug         Debug mode. Shows full stack trace on error.
  --profile TEXT  CLI connection profile to use. The default profile is

  -h, --help      Show this message and exit.

  cancel      Cancels the specified run.
  get         Gets the metadata about a run in JSON form.
  get-output  Gets the output of a run.
  list        Lists job runs.
  submit      Submits a one-time run.