Enable automatic cluster update


This feature is in Public Preview. To participate in this preview, contact your Databricks account team. If your workspace is not part of this preview and enables the compliance security profile, clusters restart after 25 days. See Enable the compliance security profile.

For workspaces with Enterprise pricing tier and the Enhanced Security and Compliance add-on, account admins can use the account console to configure a workspace with a monthly or twice-monthly schedule for automatic restart of compute resources. This helps admins and users plan down time for restarting compute resources to get the latest images and security updates. This applies to all compute resources that run in the classic compute plane: clusters, pools, classic SQL warehouses, and legacy Model Serving. If there are no updates for images for running compute resources, they are not restarted.

If your workspace is part of the Public Preview and the workspace enables the compliance security profile, you can configure the frequency, days, and times of the updates, but you cannot entirely disable the schedule.

For workspaces with the correct SKU and tier but without the compliance security profile enabled, you can configure the frequency, days, and times of the updates and disable the schedule entirely. If the schedule is disabled, you must restart compute resources regularly to ensure that they get the latest images.

By default, automatic cluster updates are scheduled for the first Sunday of every month at 1:00 AM UTC. Account admins can use the account console to change the day of the month, the time, or switch to a twice-monthly schedule.

If you schedule automatic cluster updates on a workspace that enabled the legacy feature Automatic Restart of Long Running Clusters, those legacy settings are ignored.


You must be an account admin to configure automatic cluster update. Although this setting is configured for each workspace, the controls for this feature are part of the account console UI, not the workspace admin console.

Configure automatic cluster update

  1. Go to the Databricks account console.

  2. Click Workspaces.

  3. Click on a workspace name to configure it.

  4. Click the Security tab. This shows the automatic cluster update settings.

    Automatic cluster update settings
  5. If the workspace does not use the compliance security profile, you can enable or disable automatic cluster updates by toggling the field called Enabled. If the workspace uses the compliance security profile, the automatic cluster update feature is always enabled and cannot be disabled.

  6. In the first picker, choose Monthly or Twice-monthly.

  7. In the next picker:

    • For monthly schedules, choose which numbered week such as 1st or 3rd.

    • For twice-monthly schedules, choose 1st and 3rd or 2nd and 4th.

  8. Choose the day of the week.

  9. Choose the time in UTC time zone.

  10. Click Save.