File management operations for Unity Catalog volumes

Catalog Explorer provides options for common file management tasks for files stored with Unity Catalog volumes.

See Create and work with volumes.

Rename or delete volume

Click the kebab menu Vertical Ellipsis next to Upload to this volume to see options to Rename or Delete the volume.

Set permissions on a volume

You can use Catalog Explorer to manage permissions on a volume or assign a new principal as the owner of a volume. See Manage privileges in Unity Catalog and Manage Unity Catalog object ownership.

Upload files to volume

The Upload to this volume button opens a dialog to upload files. See Upload files to a Unity Catalog volume.

Uploaded files cannot exceed 5 GB.

Manage files in volumes

Click the kebab menu Vertical Ellipsis next to a file name to perform the following actions:

  • Copy path

  • Download file

  • Delete file

  • Create table

Create table from volumes

Databricks provides a UI to create a Unity Catalog managed table from a file stored in a Unity Catalog volume.

You must have CREATE TABLE permissions in the target schema and have access to a running SQL warehouse.

You can use the provided UI to make the following selections:

  • Choose to Create new table or Overwrite existing table

  • Select the target Catalog and Schema.

  • Specify the Table name.

  • Override default column names and types, or choose to exclude columns.


Click Advanced attributes to view additional options.

Click Create table to create the table in the specified location. Upon completion, Catalog Explorer displays the table details.