Explore volumes

In Catalog Explorer you can select and view volume contents and details.

For information about using Catalog Explorer to set volume ownership and permissions, see Manage Unity Catalog object ownership in Catalog Explorer and Manage Unity Catalog permissions in Catalog Explorer.


When you define a volume, you can no longer access any paths that overlap the volume location using external locations in the Catalog Explorer or cloud URIs.

Display volumes

The search bar allows you to explore volumes by name. You can view all volumes registered to a schema by doing the following in Catalog Explorer:

  1. Select a catalog.

  2. Select a schema.

  3. Click Volumes to expand all volumes in the schema.

Explore a volume

You can find the following information for each volume in Catalog Explorer:

  • Owner

  • Path

  • Comment

  • Permissions

  • Details

You can also use Catalog Explorer to browse files and directories in the volume.