Manage Unity Catalog external locations in Catalog Explorer

You can use Catalog Explorer to manage external locations in Unity Catalog-enabled Databricks workspaces. See Unity Catalog privileges and securable objects.


When you define a volume, you can no longer access any paths that overlap the volume location using external locations in the Catalog Explorer or cloud URIs.

Create external location

  1. Click the + menu at the upper right and select Add an external location.

  2. Click Create location.

    1. Enter a name for the location.

    2. Optionally copy the S3 bucket path from an existing mount point.

    3. If you aren’t copying from an existing mount point, enter an S3 bucket path.

    4. Select the storage credential that grants access to the location.

    5. (Optional) If you want users to have read-only access to the external location, select Read only. For more information, see Mark an external location or storage credential as read-only.

    6. Click Save.

Manage permissions for external locations

  1. At the bottom of the screen, click External Locations.

  2. Click the name of an external location to open its properties.

  3. Click Permissions.

  4. To grant permission to users or groups, select each identity, then click Grant.

  5. To revoke permissions from users or groups, select each identity, then click Revoke.