Workspace files basic usage

You can use the workspace UI to perform basic tasks like creating, importing, and editing workspace files.


All files present in a repository are synced as workspace files automatically when you clone a Git repository.

Create a new file

You can create a new file in any Databricks directory. Click the down arrow next to the directory name, and select Create > File from the menu.

Import a file

To import a file, click the down arrow next to the directory name, and select Import.

The import dialog appears. You can drag files into the dialog or click browse to select files.


  • Only notebooks can be imported from a URL.

  • When you import a .zip file, Databricks automatically unzips the file and imports each file and notebook that is included in the .zip file.

  • You can import .whl files to use as libraries.

Edit a file

To edit a file, click the filename in the workspace browser. The file opens and you can edit it. Changes are saved automatically.

When you open a Markdown (.md) file, the rendered preview is displayed by default. To edit a cell, double-click in the cell. To return to preview mode, click anywhere outside the cell.

The editor includes additional functionality such as autocomplete, multicursor support, and the ability to run code. For more information, see Use the Databricks notebook and file editor.