IPython kernel

The IPython kernel is a Jupyter kernel for Python code execution. Jupyter, and other compatible notebooks, use the IPython kernel for executing Python notebook code.

In Databricks Runtime 11.3 LTS and above, Python notebooks use the IPython kernel to execute Python code.

In Databricks Runtime 11.3 LTS and above, you can pass input to ipykernel in Python notebooks. This allows you to use interactive tools such as the Python debugger in the notebook. For an example notebook that illustrates how to use the Python debugger, see Debug in Python notebooks.

Benefits of using the IPython kernel

The IPython kernel allows Databricks to add better support for open source tools built for Jupyter notebooks. Using the IPython kernel on Databricks adds support for IPython’s display and output tooling. See IPython.core.display for more information. Also, the IPython kernel captures the stdout and stderr outputs of child processes created by a notebook, allowing that output to be included in the notebook’s command results.

Known issue

The IPython command update_display only updates the outputs of the current cell.