Connect to Census

Census is a reverse ETL platform that syncs customer data from you lakehouse into downstream business tools such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Google Ads.

You can integrate your Databricks SQL warehouses and Databricks clusters with Census.

Connect to Census using Partner Connect

To connect your Databricks workspace to Census using Partner Connect, see Connect to reverse ETL partners using Partner Connect.


Partner Connect only supports SQL warehouses for Census. To connect a cluster to Census, connect to Census manually.

Connect to Census manually

This section describes how to connect an existing SQL warehouse or cluster in your Databricks workspace to Census manually.


For Databricks SQL warehouses, you can connect to Census using Partner Connect to simplify the experience.


Before you connect to Census manually, you need the following:

Steps to connect

To connect to Census manually, follow Databricks in the Census documentation.

Additional resources

Explore the following Census resources: