Connect to Hightouch

Hightouch syncs your data in Databricks to the tools that your business teams rely on.

You can integrate your Databricks SQL warehouses (formerly Databricks SQL endpoints) and Databricks clusters with Hightouch.

Connect to Hightouch using Partner Connect

To connect your Databricks workspace to Hightouch using Partner Connect, see Connect to reverse ETL partners using Partner Connect.


Partner Connect only supports SQL warehouses for Hightouch. To connect a cluster to Hightouch, connect to Hightouch manually.

Connect to Hightouch manually

This section describes how to connect an existing SQL warehouse or cluster in your Databricks workspace to Hightouch manually.


For Databricks SQL warehouses, you can connect to Hightouch using Partner Connect to simplify the experience.


Before you connect to Hightouch manually, you need the following:

Steps to connect

To connect to Hightouch manually, do the following:

  1. Sign up for a new Hightouch account, or sign in to your existing Hightouch account.

  2. Create a workspace by clicking Create a workspace, or select an existing workspace.

  3. If you chose to create a workspace, enter a name for the workspace, and then click Create workspace.

  4. In the workspace navigation pane, click Sources.

  5. Click Add source.

  6. Click Databricks, and then click Continue.

  7. For Server Hostname, enter the Server Hostname value from the requirements.

  8. For Port, enter the Port value from the requirements.

  9. For HTTP Path, enter the HTTP Path value from the requirements.

  10. For Access Token, enter the token value from the requirements.

  11. For Default Schema, enter the name of the target database within the workspace.

  12. Click Test Connection.

  13. After the connection attempt succeeds, click Continue.

  14. Enter a name for the connection, and then click Finish.

Next steps

Create a destination, a model, and a sync. See Create your first sync in the Hightouch documentation.