Development environment


This feature is in Private Preview. To try it, reach out to your Databricks contact.

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RAG Studio applications are developed using a local environment. Follow these steps to configure your development environment.


🚧 Roadmap 🚧 Support for developing RAG Studio apps using only the Databricks Notebook as your IDE.

  1. Follow the Databricks CLI installation instructions to install or upgrade the Databricks CLI on your development machine.


    Using an older and incompatible Databricks CLI version generates an error. If that happens, follow the upgrade instructions

  2. Authenticate the Databricks CLI following the steps for using your personal access token or OAuth user-to-machine (U2M) authentication.


    You must use the same Workspace in which you create RAG Studio’s required infrastructure.

  3. Set up your Python environment

    1. Install Python 3.10


      RAG Studio has been tested in Python 3.10. Although you can use a higher Python version, we suggest using Python 3.10.

    2. Using your preferred virtual environment manager, create a virtual environment.


      While technically optional, we strongly suggest using a virtual environment since after creating a RAG Application, you will install RAG Studio’s requirements.txt.