Databricks developer tools and SDKs release notes

This article lists new releases, features, improvements, and breaking changes for Databricks developer tools and SDKs. See Developer tools and guidance.

Databricks developer tools that are Experimental or Private Preview, and those that are hosted by Databricks Labs are not listed.

November 14, 2023

Releases from October 18 - November 14, 2023 are as follows. For a full list of changes for each release, see the release’s changelog.

  • Databricks SDK for Python v0.12.0 (Beta). New additions include now enabling the Databricks SDK for Python to be used in GitHub Actions without long-lived secrets.

  • Databricks SDK for Java v0.12.0 (Beta). New additions include enabling built-in authentication for notebooks.

  • Databricks SDK for Java v0.11.0 (Beta). New additions include proactive token refresh. Beginning with this release, the Databricks SDK for Java has moved from Experimental to Beta status and is okay to use production.

  • Databricks SDK for Go v0.25.0 (Beta)

  • Databricks SDK for Go v0.24.0 (Beta)

  • Databricks Terraform provider v1.30.0. New additions include marking storage_root optional for databricks_metastore.

  • Databricks Terraform provider v1.29.0. New additions include databricks_artifact_allowlist, and support for partitioning and liquid clustering in sql_table.

  • Databricks Terraform provider v1.28.1

October 17, 2023

For Databricks developer tools releases before October 10, 2023, see the Databricks platform release notes for October 2023 and prior.

Releases from October 10 - 17, 2023 are as follows. For a full list of changes for each release, see the release’s changelog.

  • Databricks Connect v13.3.3, v12.2.15, v11.3.22, v10.4.37, v9.1.49

  • Databricks CLI v0.208.0 (Public Preview)

  • Databricks CLI v0.207.1 (Public Preview)

  • Databricks SDK for Python v0.11.0 (Beta). Some serialization issues are addressed, and retries are now added for when RPC token bucket limits are exceeded.

  • Databricks SDK for Go v0.23.0 (Beta). New additions include a custom JSON marshaller that allows the adding of default Go fields.

  • Databricks Terraform provider v1.28.0. Fixes include logging to enable viewing of API calls in debug logs. New resources include databricks_registered_model and databricks_system_schema.