FedRAMP Moderate compliance controls


The ability for admins to add Enhanced Security and Compliance features is a feature in Public Preview. The compliance security profile and support for compliance standards are generally available (GA).

FedRAMP Moderate compliance controls provide enhancements that help you with FedRAMP Moderate compliance for your workspace. For FedRAMP High compliance, see Databricks on AWS GovCloud.

FedRAMP Moderate compliance controls require enabling the compliance security profile, which adds monitoring agents, enforces instance types for inter-node encryption, provides a hardened compute image, and other features. For technical details, see Compliance security profile. It is your responsibility to confirm that each affected workspace has the compliance security profile enabled and confirm that FedRAMP is added as a compliance program.


  • Databricks is a FedRAMP® Authorized Cloud Service Offering (CSO) at the moderate impact Level in the AWS US East-1 and US West-2 (commercial) regions.

  • US Government agencies can access the Databricks on AWS FedRAMP® package on OMB Max by submitting a Package Access Request Form and submitting it to package-access@fedramp.gov.

  • Additional information regarding Databricks and FedRAMP® compliance is located on the Databricks Security and Trust Center.

Which compute resources get enhanced security

The compliance security profile enhancements apply to compute resources in the classic compute plane in all regions.

Support for serverless SQL warehouses for the compliance security profile varies by region. See Serverless SQL warehouses support the compliance security profile in some regions.


  • Your Databricks account must include the Enhanced Security and Compliance add-on. For details, see the pricing page.

  • Your workspace is on the Enterprise tier.

  • Your workspace is deployed in AWS region US East-1 and US West-2.

  • Single sign-on (SSO) authentication is configured for the workspace.

  • Your workspace enables the compliance security profile and adds the FedRAMP compliance standard as part of the compliance security profile configuration.

  • You must use the following VM instance types:

    • General purpose: M-fleet, Md-fleet, M5dn, M5n, M5zn, M7g, M7gd, M6i, M7i, M6id, M6in, M6idn, M6a, M7a

    • Compute optimized: C5a, C5ad, C5n, C6gn, C7g, C7gd, C7gn, C6i, C6id, C7i, C6in, C6a, C7a

    • Memory optimized: R-fleet, Rd-fleet, R7g, R7gd, R6i, R7i, R7iz, R6id, R6in, R6idn, R6a, R7a

    • Storage optimized: D3, D3en, P3dn, R5dn, R5n, I4i, I4g, I3en, Im4gn, Is4gen

    • Accelerated computing: G4dn, G5, P4d, P4de, P5

  • Ensure that sensitive information is never entered in customer-defined input fields, such as workspace names, cluster names, and job names.

Enable FedRAMP Moderate compliance controls

To configure your workspace to support processing of data regulated by the FedRAMP standard, enable the compliance security profile and add the FedRAMP compliance standard. You can for this for all workspaces or only on some workspaces.

Does Databricks permit processing data protected by FedRAMP Moderate?

Yes, if you comply with the requirements, enable the compliance security profile, and add the FedRAMP compliance standard as part of the compliance security profile configuration.

Preview features that are supported for processing data protected by FedRAMP Moderate

The following preview features are supported for processing data protected by FedRAMP Moderate: