Favorites and tags

You can use favorites and tags to filter the lists of queries and dashboards displayed on the Databricks SQL landing page and in the queries and dashboards lists.


To favorite a query or dashboard, click the star to the left of its title in the Queries or Dashboards list. The star will turn yellow.


You can tag queries and dashboards with any string that is meaningful to your organization.

Add a tag

You add tags in the query and dashboard editors.

  1. Hover over query or dashboard title. The + Add Tag button displays.

    Add tag
  2. Click + Add Tag. A modal displays.

  3. To create a tag, enter a tag string.

    Tag string
  4. To apply the tag, click the tag name.

    Apply tag
  5. Click OK to close the modal.

Edit tags

  1. Hover over query or dashboard title. The Edit Tag Icon icon displays.

  2. Click the Edit Tag Icon icon.

  3. Add and delete tags.

  4. Click OK.

Filter lists

Tags appear on the on the right-hand side of the Queries and Dashboards lists.

  • Click a tag to filter the list.

  • Click a second time to remove the filter.

  • To select multiple filters, select Shift + Click.