Stream from Unity Catalog views


This feature is in Public Preview.

In Databricks Runtime 14.1 and above, you can use Structured Streaming to perform streaming reads from views registered with Unity Catalog. Databricks only supports streaming reads from views defined against Delta tables.

Read a view as a stream

To read a view with Structured Streaming, provide the identifier for the view to the .table() method, as in the following example:

df = (spark.readStream

Users must have SELECT privileges on the target view.

Supported options for configuring streaming reads against views

The following options are supported when configuring streaming reads against views:

  • maxFilesPerTrigger

  • maxBytesPerTrigger

  • ignoreDeletes

  • skipChangeCommits

  • withEventTimeOrder

  • startingTimestamp

  • startingVersion

The streaming reader applies these options to the files and metadata defining the underlying Delta tables.


Reads against views defined with UNION ALL do not support the options withEventTimeOrder and startingVersion.

Supported operations in source views

Not all views support streaming reads. Unsupported operations in source views include aggregations and sorting.

The following list provides descriptions and example view definitions for supported operations:

  • Project

    • Description: Controls column-level permissions

    • Operator: SELECT... FROM...

    • Example statement:

      CREATE VIEW project_view AS
      SELECT id, value
      FROM source_table
  • Filter

    • Description: Controls row-level permissions

    • Operator: WHERE...

    • Example statement:

      CREATE VIEW filter_view AS
      SELECT * FROM source_table
      WHERE value > 100
  • Union all

    • Description: Results from multiple tables

    • Operator: UNION ALL

    • Example statement:

      CREATE VIEW union_view AS
      SELECT id, value FROM source_table1
      SELECT * FROM source_table2


You cannot modify the view definition to add or change the tables referenced in the view and use the same streaming checkpoint.


The following limitations apply:

  • You can only stream from views backed by Delta tables. Views defined against other data sources are not supported.

  • You must register views with Unity Catalog.

  • The following exception displays if you stream from a view with an unsupported operator:

    UnsupportedOperationException: [UNEXPECTED_OPERATOR_IN_STREAMING_VIEW] Unexpected operator <operator> in the CREATE VIEW statement as a streaming source. A streaming view query must consist only of SELECT, WHERE, and UNION ALL operations.
  • The following exception displays if you provide unsupported options: ``` AnalysisException: [UNSUPPORTED_STREAMING_OPTIONS_FOR_VIEW.UNSUPPORTED_OPTION] Unsupported for streaming a view. Reason: option <option> is not supported. ```