Partner data integrations


This feature is in Public Preview.

Partner data integrations enable you to load data into Databricks from partner product UIs. This enables low-code, easy-to-implement, and scalable data ingestion from a variety of sources into Databricks.

To enable integration from a partner product, you must create and start a Databricks cluster. The partner product connects to this cluster and pushes jobs down to it for interacting with Databricks.

To look at the list of all the integrations:

  1. Go to the top right of the workspace UI, click the Account Icon user account icon, and select Partner Integrations.

    Partner Integrations

    The Partner Integrations page displays a series of partner product tiles:

    Partner Gallery
  2. In a partner tile, click Set up guide or see:


Partner integrations are, unless otherwise noted, provided by the third parties and you must have an account with the appropriate provider for the use of their products or services. While Databricks does its best to keep this content up to date, we make no representation regarding the integrations or the accuracy of the content on the partner integration pages. Reach out to the appropriate providers regarding the integrations.