Automatic feature lookup with MLflow models on Databricks


This feature is in Public Preview.

Model Serving can automatically look up feature values from published online stores.



You can publish the feature table at any time prior to model deployment, including after model training.

Automatic feature lookup

Databricks Model Serving supports automatic feature lookup from these online stores:

  • Amazon DynamoDB (v0.3.8 and above)

Automatic feature lookup is supported for the following data types:

  • IntegerType

  • FloatType

  • BooleanType

  • StringType

  • DoubleType

  • LongType

  • TimestampType

  • DateType

  • ShortType

  • DecimalType

  • ArrayType

  • MapType

Override feature values in online model scoring

All features required by the model (logged with FeatureStoreClient.log_model) are automatically looked up from online stores for model scoring. To override feature values when scoring a model using a REST API with Model Serving include the feature values as a part of the API payload.


The new feature values must conform to the feature’s data type as expected by the underlying model.

Example notebook

This example notebook illustrates how to publish features to an online store and then serve a trained model that automatically looks up features from the online store.

Online Feature Store example notebook

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