Getting started

Welcome to Databricks. This guide provides a series of tasks to help you and your team get started with Databricks.


The tutorials in this guide focus on the Databricks Data Science & Engineering workspace, a powerful platform for collaboration among data analysts, data scientists, and data engineers. Databricks also provides:

  • Databricks SQL, an easy-to-use platform for analysts who want to run SQL queries on their data lake, create multiple visualization types to explore query results from different perspectives, and build and share dashboards. To get started with Databricks SQL, see Get started with Databricks SQL.
  • Databricks Machine Learning, an integrated end-to-end machine learning environment incorporating managed services for experiment tracking, model training, feature development and management, and feature and model serving. To get started with Databricks Machine Learning, see Machine learning tutorial.

To switch between these persona-based environments, use the persona switcher in the workspace sidebar.

To begin, play the following video for an orientation to the Getting Started with Databricks experience.

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