Next steps

Congratulations on completing the Getting Started with Databricks training!

By now, you should feel confident in your ability to perform a wide range of tasks in Databricks. This article describes the next steps you can take to learn more about Databricks.

Explore the documentation

The Databricks documentation has many additional quickstarts, tutorials, and best practices guides to help you become a Databricks expert.

Connect to free training

Ready for more learning? Databricks Academy is a portal where you can find the training you need—whether you’re looking for self-paced online courses or instructor-led courses.

The next two videos introduce you to the types of training available to you and shows Databricks customers how to access free self-paced elearning courses. Play these videos to get started with the Databricks Academy.

This video gives you a quick explanation of each type of training offered by Databricks Academy:

If you’re a Databricks customer, you have free access to self-paced training through Databricks Academy. This video shows you how to access that free training. If you are not a Databricks customer, go to Purchase training to learn how to access training.

Purchase training

This video shows you how to purchase and access Databricks training if you are not a Databricks customer.