Connect to ThoughtSpot

This article describes how to use ThoughtSpot with a Databricks cluster or a Databricks SQL warehouse (formerly Databricks SQL endpoint).

For a general overview and demonstration of ThoughtSpot, watch the following YouTube video (4 minutes).

Connect to ThoughtSpot using Partner Connect

To connect your Databricks workspace to Thoughtspot using Partner Connect, see Connect to a BI and visualization partner using Partner Connect.


Partner Connect only supports SQL warehouses for ThoughtSpot. To connect a cluster to Thoughtspot, connect manually.

Connect to ThoughtSpot manually

In this section, you connect an existing Databricks SQL warehouse or cluster in your Databricks workspace to ThoughtSpot.


For SQL warehouses, you can use Partner Connect to simplify the connection process.


Before you connect to ThoughtSpot manually, you need the following:

Steps to connect

To connect to ThoughtSpot manually, do the following:

  1. Sign in to ThoughtSpot.

  2. Click Data > Connections > Add connection.

  3. On the Choose your data warehouse page, for Name your connection, enter a name for this connection.

  4. Click Databricks and click Continue.

  5. On the Databricks connection details page, enter the following information:

    1. For Host, enter the Server Hostname value from the requirements.

    2. For HTTP Path, enter the HTTP Path value from the requirements.

    3. For User, enter the word token.

    4. For Password, enter the personal access token from the requirements.

  6. Click Continue.

  7. On the Select tables page, click the database tables that you want to use.

  8. Click Update.

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