Connect to Privacera

Privacera is a unified data security governance platform that delivers universal data discovery, access policy management, masking, encryption, and audit capabilities.

You can connect Databricks SQL warehouses (formerly Databricks SQL endpoints) and Databricks clusters to Privacera.

Connect to Privacera using Partner Connect

To connect your Databricks workspace to Privacera using Partner Connect, do the following:

  1. In the sidebar, click Partner Connect button Partner Connect.

  2. Click the Privacera tile.


    If the Privacera tile has a check mark icon, a workspace administrator has already used Partner Connect to connect to Privacera. Click Sign in.

  3. In the Connect to partner dialog, select a catalog for Privacera to write to. If your workspace isn’t Unity Catalog-enabled, the legacy Hive metastore (hive_metastore) is used.

    Partner Connect creates the following resources in your workspace:

    • A SQL warehouse named PRIVACERA_WAREHOUSE by default. You can change this default name before you click Next.

    • A Databricks service principal named PRIVACERA_USER.

    • A Databricks personal access token that is associated with the PRIVACERA_USER service principal.

    Partner Connect also grants the following privileges to the PRIVACERA_USER service principal:

    • (Unity Catalog) USE CATALOG: Required to interact with objects in the selected catalog.

    • (Unity Catalog) CREATE SCHEMA: Grants the ability to create schemas in the selected catalog.

    • (Hive metastore) USAGE: Required to interact with objects in the Hive metastore.

    • (Hive metastore) CREATE: Grants the ability to create objects in the Hive metastore.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Click Connect to Privacera.

  6. Check your email inbox for an email from Privacera. Note that it might take a few minutes for the email to arrive. Click the activation link in the email, and then follow prompts to set a password and log in to your Privacera trial account.

Connect to Privacera manually

To connect to Privacera manually, see the Privacera documentation:

Additional resources

How to Get Support in the Privacera documentation.