h3_longlatash3string function

Applies to: check marked yes Databricks SQL check marked yes Databricks Runtime 11.3 LTS and above

Returns the H3 cell ID (as a hexadecimal STRING) corresponding to the provided longitude and latitude at the specified resolution.


h3_longlatash3string ( longitudeExpr, latitudeExpr, resolutionExpr )


  • longitudeExpr: A DOUBLE expression representing the longitude (in degrees) of the location whose H3 cell ID we want to compute.

  • latitudeExpr: A DOUBLE expression representing the latitude (in degrees) of the location whose H3 cell ID we want to compute.

  • resolutionExpr: An INT expression, whose value is expected to be between 0 and 15 inclusive, specifying the resolution for the H3 cell ID.


A value of the type of STRING representing, as a hexadecimal string, the H3 cell ID of the input location at the specified resolution.

The function returns NULL if any of the three input expressions is NULL. Values outside [-180, 180] for the longitude expression, and [-90, 90] for the latitude expression are mapped to their equivalents within these ranges. The longitude and latitude values are expected to be in the WGS84 coordinate reference system.

Error conditions


-- Simple example.
> SELECT h3_longlatash3string(100, 45, 6)

-- The H3 cell ID for the Golden Gate Bridge at resolution 13.
> SELECT h3_longlatash3string(-122.4783, 37.8199, 13)

-- Resolution is out of range.
> SELECT h3_longlatash3string(-122.4783, 37.8199, 16)
  [H3_INVALID_RESOLUTION_VALUE] H3 resolution 16 must be between 0 and 15, inclusive