Query federation for Snowflake in Databricks SQL


This feature is Experimental and has no support for Unity Catalog. Experimental features are provided as-is and are not supported by Databricks through customer technical support channels.

Databricks SQL supports read-only query federation to Snowflake on serverless and pro SQL warehouses.

Connecting to Snowflake with Databricks SQL

You configure connections to Snowflake at the table level. You can use secrets to store and access text credentials without displaying them in plaintext. See the following example:

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS snowflake_table;
CREATE TABLE snowflake_table
USING snowflake
  dbtable '<table-name>',
  sfUrl '<database-host-url>',
  sfUser secret('snowflake_creds', 'my_username'),
  sfPassword secret('snowflake_creds', 'my_password'),
  sfDatabase '<database-name>',
  sfSchema '<schema-name>',
  sfWarehouse '<warehouse-name>'