Release 2022.46

November 14 - 18, 2022

These features and improvements were released with the 2022.46 release of Delta Live Tables.


For more information about Delta Live Tables channels, see the channel field in the Delta Live Tables settings. For information about setting the channel when you create or edit a pipeline, see Create a pipeline. For information about viewing the channel used by a pipeline, see Pipeline details.

  • CURRENT (default): Databricks Runtime 11.0.10

  • PREVIEW: Databricks Runtime 11.3.1


  • The filter options when viewing the pipelines list are changed to match the options in the Databricks Jobs list. The button previously labeled All is now renamed to Accessible by me and moved to the right of the Owned by me filter. The filtering functionality has not changed. For more information on viewing and filtering the list of pipelines, see View pipelines.

Bug fixes

  • This release includes a change to ensure that APPLY CHANGES queries properly handle case sensitivity.

  • This release fixes an issue that affects running the VACUUM operation after a failure in the OPTIMIZE operation.