Release 2023.01

January 11 - 17, 2023

These features and improvements were released with the 2023.01 release of Delta Live Tables.


For more information about Delta Live Tables channels, see the channel field in the Delta Live Tables settings. For information about setting the channel when you create or edit a pipeline, see Create a pipeline. For information about viewing the channel used by a pipeline, see Pipeline details.

  • CURRENT (default): Databricks Runtime 11.0.12

  • PREVIEW: Databricks Runtime 11.3.3


  • A new Delta Live Tables on-boarding widget (available in new workspaces) guides users who want to create pipelines using data from an S3 bucket in AWS.

Bug fixes

  • This release fixes a bug that can cause failures loading a pipeline in the Delta Live Tables UI when the pipeline has zero events. This can occur when a pipeline has existed long enough without updates being run that all events have been purged.