AWS CodeCommit version control

This guide describes how to configure version control with AWS CodeCommit. Configuring version control involves creating access credentials in your version control provider and adding those credentials to Databricks.

Create HTTPS Git credentials

  1. In AWS CodeCommit, create HTTPS Git credentials that allow access to your repositories. See the AWS CodeCommit documentation. The associated IAM user must have “read” and “write” permissions for the repository.

  2. Record the password. You enter this password in Databricks in the next step.

Save your password and username to Databricks

  1. Click User Settings Icon Settings at the lower left of your screen and select User Settings.

  2. Click the Git Integration tab.

  3. If you have previously entered credentials, click the Change settings button.

  4. In the Git provider drop-down, select AWS CodeCommit.

  5. Paste your password into the HTTPS Git password field.

  6. Enter your username into the Git provider username field and click Save.

You can also save your password and username to Databricks by using the Databricks Terraform provider and databricks_git_credential.