GitHub AE version control

This guide describes how to configure version control with GitHub AE. Configuring version control involves creating access credentials in your version control provider and adding those credentials to Databricks.

Get an access token

In GitHub AE, follow these steps to create a personal access token that allows access to your repositories:

  1. In the upper-right corner of any page, click your profile photo, then click Settings.

  2. Click Developer settings.

  3. Click the Personal access tokens tab.

  4. Click the Generate new token button.

  5. Enter a token description.

  6. Select the repo permission, and click the Generate token button.

  7. Copy the token to your clipboard. You enter this token in Databricks in the next step.

See the GitHub documentation to learn more about how to create personal access tokens.

Save your token and username to Databricks

  1. Click User Settings Icon Settings at the lower left of your screen and select User Settings.

  2. Click the Git Integration tab.

  3. If you have previously entered credentials, click the Change settings button.

  4. In the Git provider drop-down, select GitHub Enterprise.

  5. Paste your token into the Token field.

  6. Enter your username into the Git provider username or email field and click Save.