Ideas Portal

The Ideas Portal lets you influence the Databricks product roadmap by providing feedback directly to the product team. Use the Ideas Portal to:

  • Enter feature requests.

  • View, comment, and vote up other users’ requests.

  • Monitor the progress of your favorite ideas as the Databricks product team goes through their product planning and development process.

For a quick tutorial on submitting an idea, watch this video:

Submitting an idea

Get started

Any Databricks user can participate in the Ideas Portal. To start using the portal:

  1. Log into your Databricks workspace.

  2. Click Help icon Help at the lower left of the workspace and select Feedback.

    Help menu
  3. On the Email Validation Required dialog, click Send Validation Email.

    Send validation email
  4. Find the validation email from Databricks in your inbox and click the link.

  5. Navigate back to your Databricks workspace, click Help icon Help, and select Feedback.

Create an idea

  1. Go to or, if you’re in your Databricks workspace, click Help icon Help and select Feedback.


    If you go directly to and you do not have an active Databricks workspace session, you will be prompted to log into Databricks first. If the sign-in system cannot determine your Databricks workspace, you may be prompted to enter your workspace domain, which is has the format <deployment-name>

  2. Click Add a new idea.

    Add idea
  3. Provide a one-sentence summary describing the nature of your idea.

    Idea details
  4. You might be asked if an existing idea satisfies your request. If a suggested idea does the job, feel free to vote on it and provide a comment instead.

    Vote on idea
  5. Enter more details to describe the problem you’re trying to solve and how your idea will help you.

    More idea details
  6. Choose the category that best describes the problem being solved. If there are multiple categories that apply, pick the one that fits best.

    Idea category
  7. Click Share Idea.

Vote and comment

You can view, vote, and comment on other users’ ideas. The number of votes indicates how important an idea is to Databricks users and helps Databricks product managers prioritize ideas.

If you see an idea that you agree with, go ahead and vote for it and enter a comment to tell everyone why. The more you explain, the easier it is for the product team to meet your needs.

To vote, just click the Vote icon.

Vote for idea

You can vote only once for each idea.

To enter a comment, click the comment icon.

Enter comment

How does the product team use ideas?

The product team considers these ideas each time they prepare for quarterly roadmap planning. Product managers use the following statuses to indicate their decision:

  • Open: not yet reviewed; waiting on more information before making a decision.

  • Considered For Future: will not be implemented immediately, but will be revisited at a later date.

  • Prioritized In Roadmap: work has not yet begun, but product and engineering plan to work on it imminently.

  • In Development: product and engineering are actively working on the feature.

  • Released: requested feature has been shipped!

  • Already Exists: requested feature is already available in the product.

  • Will Not Implement: the product team has determined that there is not enough support for an idea and it will not be implemented.

What does it take for an idea to be prioritized in the Databricks roadmap?

Two of the most important company values at Databricks are to let the data decide and to listen to our customers. If an idea has garnered a significant number of votes, product managers will dig deeper into the idea and determine the best way to address the request.

SLA for product management response

The product management team reviews ideas regularly and monitors the Ideas Portal to ensure that it is up to date.

What happened to the requests submitted in the previous feedback portal?

All ideas from the previous feedback portal that are still relevant have been transferred to this next-generation Ideas Portal. Feel free to vote on them!

Ideas Portal etiquette

Be respectful of fellow contributors.