RESTORE (Delta Lake on Databricks)


Available in Databricks Runtime 7.4 and above.

Restores a Delta table to an earlier state. Restoring to an earlier version number or a timestamp is supported.


RESTORE [TABLE] table_name [TO] time_travel_version


 { TIMESTAMP AS OF timestamp_expression |
   VERSION AS OF version }


  • timestamp_expression can be any one of:
    • '2018-10-18T22:15:12.013Z', that is, a string that can be cast to a timestamp
    • cast('2018-10-18 13:36:32 CEST' as timestamp)
    • '2018-10-18', that is, a date string
    • In Databricks Runtime 6.6 and above:
      • current_timestamp() - interval 12 hours
      • date_sub(current_date(), 1)
      • Any other expression that is or can be cast to a timestamp
  • version is a long value that can be obtained from the output of DESCRIBE HISTORY table_spec.

Neither timestamp_expression nor version can be subqueries.

For more information about the RESTORE command, see Restore a Delta table.