bit_get function

Returns the value of a bit in a binary representation of an integral numeric.

Since: Databricks Runtime 10.0


bit_get(expr, pos))


  • expr: An expression that evaluates to an integral numeric.

  • pos: An expression of type INTEGER.


The result type is an INTEGER.

The result value is 1 if the bit is set, 0 otherwise.

Bits are counted right to left and 0-based.

If pos is outside the bounds of the data type of expr Databricks Runtime raises an error.

bit_get is a synonym of getbit.


> SELECT hex(23Y), bit_get(23Y, 3);

> SELECT hex(23Y), bit_get(23Y, 0);

> SELECT bit_get(23Y, 8);
 Error: Invalid bit position: 8 exceeds the bit upper limit

> SELECT bit_get(23Y, -1);
 Error: Invalid bit position: -1 is less than zero