Displays all privileges (inherited, denied, and granted) that affect the securable object.

To run this command you must be either:

  • A workspace administrator or the owner of the object.

  • The user specified in principal.

Use SHOW GRANT TO RECIPIENT to list which shares a recipient has access to.


SHOW GRANT [ principal ] ON securable_object


  • principal

    An optional user or group for which to show the privileges granted or denied. If not specified SHOW will return privileges for all principals who have privileges on the object.

  • securable_object

    The object whose privileges to show.


> SHOW GRANT `` ON SCHEMA my_schema;
  principal     prvilege
  ------------- -------- USE

> SHOW GRANT ON SHARE some_share;
  recipient privilege
  --------- ---------
  A_Corp    SELECT     SELECT