Workspace colors

Workspace admins can create a custom color palette for a workspace. Once created, dashboard authors can optionally import this palette and apply it to any dashboard. A dashboard’s creator can alternatively decide to use a dashboard-specific color palette for visualizations in that dashboard or not to apply a palette at all. If no color palette is applied, visualizations use the colors configured in the SQL editor.

Create a custom color palette

  1. Click User Settings Icon Settings in the sidebar and select SQL Admin Console.

  2. Click the General tab.

  3. Next to Workspace Colors, click Create.

    If a color palette has already been created, click Edit to modify or clear it.

  4. To modify an existing color, you can either:

    • Click the square and select the new color by clicking it in the color selector or using the eyedropper.

    • Click the text field next to the square and enter a hexadecimal value.

  5. To remove a color, click X.

  6. To add a color, click Add. Follow the instructions for modifying an existing color.

  7. Click Save.