Workspace colors

Workspace admins can create a custom color palette for a workspace’s visualizations. Once created, dashboard authors can optionally import this palette and apply it to any dashboard. A dashboard’s creator can alternatively decide to use a dashboard-specific color palette for visualizations in that dashboard or not to apply a palette at all. If no color palette is applied, visualizations use the colors configured in the SQL editor.

Create a custom color palette

  1. Click your username in the top bar of the workspace and select Admin Console from the drop down.

  2. Click the SQL settings tab.

  3. Next to Workspace Colors, click Create.

    If a color palette has already been created, click Edit to modify or clear it.

  4. To modify an existing color, you can either:

    • Click the square and select the new color by clicking it in the color selector or using the eyedropper.

    • Click the text field next to the square and enter a hexadecimal value.

  5. To remove a color, click X.

  6. To add a color, click Add. Follow the instructions for modifying an existing color.

  7. Click Save.