General settings


This feature is in Public Preview. Contact your Databricks representative to request access.

General settings control SQL Analytics presentation and behavior that applies to all Databricks SQL Analytics users in an organization.

You must be a Databricks admin to manage general settings.

To configure a general setting:

  1. Click the User Settings Icon icon at the bottom of the sidebar and select Settings.

  2. Click the General tab.

    • Date Format: contains the default date format in query visualizations.
    • Time Format: contains the default time format in query visualizations.

    To change date and time formats for an individual query visualization, see Common data types.

    • Chart Visualization: toggles whether the Plotly toolbar displays in chart visualizations, select the Hide Plotly mode bar checkbox.
    • Feature Flags: controls various aspects of query behavior:
      • Email query owners when scheduled queries fail
      • Enable multi-byte (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) search for query names and descriptions (slower)