General settings

General settings control Databricks SQL presentation and behavior that applies to all Databricks SQL users in an organization.

You must be a Databricks admin to manage general settings.

To configure a general setting:

  1. Click your username in the top bar of the workspace and select SQL Admin Console from the drop down.

  2. Click the General tab.

    • Date & Time Format: The default date and time formats in query visualizations.

      To change date and time formats for an individual query visualization, see Common data types.

    • Visualization: Whether to display the Plotly toolbar in chart visualizations.

    • Download: Whether to allow query results to be downloaded.

    • Notification: Whether query owners are emailed when scheduled queries fail.

    • Language: Whether to enable multi-byte (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) search for query names and descriptions. When enabled searches are slower.

    • SAML Token Expiry Warning: Whether to prompt the user to log in again if you use SAML authentication and their SAML token will expire within a few minutes. This helps to prevent disruption when running queries or refreshing dashboards if you require a SAML token to run queries. You can disable this option if you do not require SAML tokens to run queries.

    • Workspace Colors: Create a custom color palette for visualizations in dashboards. All workspace users can optionally import this custom palette for an individual dashboard. See Workspace colors.