Query caching

Databricks SQL supports the following types of query caching:

  • Databricks SQL UI caching: Per user caching of all query and dashboard results in the Databricks SQL UI.

    During Public Preview, the default behavior for queries and query results is that both the queries results are cached forever and are located within your Databricks filesystem in your account. You can delete query results by re-running the query that you no longer want to be stored. Once re-run, the old query results are removed from cache.

  • Query results caching: Per cluster caching of query results for all queries through SQL warehouses.

    To disable query result caching, you can run SET use_cached_result = false in the SQL editor.


    You should use this option only in testing or benchmarking.

  • Delta caching: Local SSD caching for data read from data storage for queries through SQL warehouses.

    The query results caching and disk cache affect queries in the Databricks SQL UI and BI and other external clients.