Databricks SQL Analytics guide


This feature is in Public Preview. Contact your Databricks representative to request access.

SQL Analytics provides a simple experience for SQL users who want to run quick ad-hoc queries on their data lake, create multiple visualization types to explore query results from different perspectives, and build and share dashboards. This guide provides getting-started, how-to, and reference information for SQL Analytics users and administrators.

  • Get started

    Get started with Databricks SQL Analytics.

  • User guide

    Learn about developing SQL applications with Databricks SQL Analytics.

  • Administration guide

    Learn about administering Databricks SQL Analytics.

  • Security guide

    Learn how to manage Databricks SQL Analytics security features.

  • API reference

    Learn about the services supported by Databricks SQL Analytics REST API.

  • SQL reference

    Learn about the SQL language constructs supported in Databricks SQL Analytics.

  • Release notes

    Learn about Databricks SQL Analytics releases.