SQL Analytics User guide


This feature is in Public Preview. Contact your Databricks representative to request access.

In Databricks SQL Analytics you can use the SQL Analytics UI or a BI tool to develop SQL applications.

The SQL Analytics UI lets you:

  • Use SQL commands to perform ad-hoc and exploratory data analysis on your data lake
  • Quickly develop agile dashboards to test and validate business requirements
  • Track KPIs with automatic alerts or dashboard refresh on the latest data

BI tools provide:

  • A no code, drag and drop interface for data analytics
  • Enterprise-wide distributed reports and dashboards
  • Complex interconnected dashboards for advanced parameter filtering and customization

This guide provides information about how to use the SQL Analytics UI to run queries, create visualizations, dashboards, and alerts, how to connect BI tools to SQL Analytics compute resources, and how to manage access to data, objects, and APIs.