Visualization tasks

Create a visualization

  1. Click the + Add Visualization button above the results table.

    Add visualization
  2. In the Visualization Type drop-down, choose a type.

  3. Enter a visualization name.

  4. Optionally configure visualization properties.

    Configure chart
  5. Click Save.

    Save chart

Visualization tools

If you hover over the top right of a chart visualization, a Plotly toolbar displays where you can perform operations such as select, zoom, and pan.

Plotly toolbar

If you do not see the toolbar, your administrator has disabled toolbar display for your Databricks SQL instance.

Edit a visualization

You can modify the settings of a visualization from the SQL editor.

  1. Click the visualization on the tab bar.

  2. Click the Edit Visualization button beneath the visualization.

    Edit visualization

    The current settings for that visualization such as type, X axis, Y axis, groupings display.

  3. Edit a setting.

  4. Click Save to apply your changes or Cancel.

Duplicate a visualization

  1. Click the visualization.
  2. Click the vertical ellipsis Vertical Ellipsis at the top of the visualization and select Duplicate.

Add a visualization to a dashboard

  1. Click the vertical ellipsis Vertical Ellipsis button beneath the visualization.

  2. Select + Add to Dashboard.

  3. Enter a dashboard name. A list of matching dashboards displays.

  4. Select a dashboard.

    Choose dashboard
  5. Click OK. A pop-up displays with a link to the dashboard.

    Added to dashboard

Download a chart visualization as an image file

To download a local image file of a chart visualization, display the visualization tools and click the camera icon.

Download visualization as image

A png file is downloaded to your device.