Display Clusters

To display the clusters in your workspace, click the clusters icon Clusters Menu Icon in the sidebar.

The Clusters page displays two lists: Interactive Clusters and Automated Clusters. Each list includes:

  • Cluster name
  • State
  • Number of nodes
  • Type of driver and worker nodes
  • Databricks Runtime version
  • Cluster creator or job owner

In addition to the common cluster information, the Interactive Clusters list shows the numbers of notebooks Attached Notebooks and libraries Attached Libraries attached to the cluster. Above the list is the number of pinned clusters.


An icon to the left of an interactive cluster name indicates whether the cluster is pinned, whether the cluster offers a high concurrency cluster, and whether table access control is enabled:

  • Pinned Pinned
  • Starting Starting , Terminating Terminating
  • Standard cluster
    • Running Running
    • Terminated Terminated
  • High concurrency cluster
    • Running Serverless
    • Terminated Serverless Terminated
  • Access Denied
    • Running Locked
    • Terminated Locked Terminated
  • Table ACLs enabled
    • Running Table ACLs
    • Terminated Table ACLs Terminated

Links and buttons at the far right of an interactive cluster provide access to the Spark UI and logs and the terminate, restart, clone, permissions, and delete actions.


Links and buttons at the far right of an automated cluster provide access to the Job Run page, Spark UI and logs, and the terminate, clone, and permissions actions.


Filter cluster list

You can filter the cluster lists using the buttons and Filter field at the top right:

  • To display only clusters that you created, click Created by me.
  • To display only clusters that are accessible to you (if cluster access control is enabled), click Accessible by me.
  • To filter by a string that appears in any field, type the string in the Filter text box.