Start a Cluster

Apart from creating a new cluster, you can also start a previously terminated cluster. This lets you re-create a previously terminated cluster with its original configuration.

You can start a cluster from the

  • Cluster list

  • Cluster detail page


You can also invoke the Start API endpoint to programmatically start a cluster.

Databricks identifies a cluster with a unique cluster ID. When you start a terminated cluster, Databricks re-creates the cluster with the same ID, automatically installs all the libraries, and re-attaches the notebooks.

Cluster autostart

For clusters created in Databricks 2.71 and above, when a job assigned to an existing cluster is scheduled to run or you connect to a terminated cluster from a JDBC/ODBC interface, the cluster is automatically restarted. See Create a job and JDBC connect.

Cluster autostart allows you to configure clusters to autoterminate, without requiring manual intervention to restart the clusters for scheduled jobs. Furthermore, you can schedule cluster initialization by scheduling a job to run on a terminated cluster.

Before a cluster is restarted automatically, cluster and job access control permissions are checked.