The Workspace is the special root folder for all Databricks. The workspace stores all your notebooks, libraries, and dashboards. By default, the workspace and all its contents are available to users, but each user has a private home directory that is not shared. You can control who can view, edit, and run items in the workspace by enabling Managing Access Control.


Folders hold everything within the workspace. This is just like a folder on your Desktop or local computer except inside of Databricks cloud. As mentioned above, a user can manage folders and their access via Managing Access Control to limit access to only certain people.

Click on a folder name to open or close the folder and view its contents.

Open Folder

  • Folders can contain notebooks, libraries, or other folders.
  • Icons indicate the type of the object contained in a folder.

Each user has a home folder for their own personal notebooks and libraries:

Workspace > Home Folder

If you have Managing Access Control activated in your account, items in this folder are private (to that user) by default.

Default Folders

The Shared folder is for sharing notebooks across your organization. The Users folder manages user notebooks and is automatically created for every user. For customers with access control enabled, notebooks in that directory are private to that user by default.

Accessing The Workspace Menu

Click on the right side of a folder (on the down carat) to access the folder menu. Simply click and drag notebooks, dashboards, libraries, and folders to be move them into another folder.


From that menu you can:

  • Create Notebooks
  • Create Libraries
  • Create an additional folder
  • Clone a folder to create a deep copy of the folder
  • Rename or Delete any folder besides special folders
  • Move a folder to another location
  • Delete an entire folder and its contents
  • Import a saved Databricks archive into the selected folder
  • Export a folder to save it and its contents as a Databricks archive
  • Customers with Managing Access Control enabled can select Permissions to set access controls on a folder.

Moving Items

To move items into your home folder, you can drag-and-drop the item or use the Move action in the drop-down menu:

Move Drop Down

If you would like to move all the items in another folder to your home folder, select Move on the source folder and select:

Move Contents Checkbox

Rather than moving the folder itself to the selected destination, checking this box will move all items inside the folder to the destination.

Searching in the Workspace

Click on the Search Icon Search Icon in the main menu and you will be able to search the entire Databricks workspace. You’ll see results as well as their individual locations.

Getting Help

To get help at any time, click the question mark button at the top right-hand corner. This will search a variety of Documentation sources for you to be able to refer to in the future.

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