What’s coming?

Learn about upcoming Databricks releases.

Full-page filebrowser unifies Workspace and Repos

The full-page filebrowser experience will soon extend to Repos. You’ll browse content in your Databricks repos alongside your workspace content by clicking Workspace in the sidebar. You can browse content from within a notebook using a contextual browser. For more information about the unified filebrowser, see Unified navigation and Workspace browser.

Migration of all Databricks SQL content to the workspace browser

Starting on July 10, 2023, Databricks will force-migrate all Databricks SQL content (dashboards, queries, alerts) to the workspace browser. Visit My Queries, My Alerts, and My Dashboards and look for any un-migrated queries, alerts, or dashboards, which will have a checkbox on the lefthand side. When a box is checked, a Migrate button will appear that allows you to migrate multiple assets at a time. If no action is taken, your Databricks SQL content (dashboards, queries, alerts) will be moved to your user folder. Admins should ensure that all objects without a valid active owner are updated to have one. Starting on September 10, 2023, we will delete all unmigrated objects without a valid owner. See Migrate queries, dashboards, and alerts.

New unified Databricks navigation enabled by default

Databricks plans to enable the new navigation experience (Public Preview) by default for all users. You’ll be able to opt out by clicking Disable new UI in the sidebar.

The goal of the new experience is to reduce clicks and context switches required to complete tasks. Unified navigation includes:

  • A single, unified Databricks homepage that includes a list of your recently viewed objects.

  • A single search box at the top of the page where you can find all your notebooks, dashboards, tables, etc.

  • Common Databricks Lakehouse categories (Workspace, Repos, Data, Workflows, Compute) at the top of the sidebar.

  • Shortcuts to SQL, Data Engineering, and Machine Learning features.

  • Continued support for user-assigned entitlements.

New Databricks navigation