Enable pool access control for your workspace


This feature is in Public Preview.

By default, all users can create and modify pools unless an administrator enables pool access control. With pool access control, permissions determine a user’s abilities. This article describes how to enable pool access control.

For information about assigning permissions and configuring pool access control, see Pool access control.


This feature requires the Premium plan and above.

Enable pool access control

  1. Go to the admin console.

  2. Click the Workspace Settings tab.

  3. Click the Cluster, Pool and Jobs Access Control toggle.

  4. Click Confirm.

Terraform integration

You can manage permissions in a fully automated setup using Databricks Terraform provider and databricks_permissions:

resource "databricks_group" "auto" {
  display_name = "Automation"

resource "databricks_group" "eng" {
  display_name = "Engineering"

data "databricks_node_type" "smallest" {
    local_disk = true

resource "databricks_instance_pool" "this" {
  instance_pool_name                    = "Reserved Instances"
  idle_instance_autotermination_minutes = 60
  node_type_id                          = data.databricks_node_type.smallest.id
  min_idle_instances                    = 0
  max_capacity                          = 10

resource "databricks_permissions" "pool_usage" {
  instance_pool_id = databricks_instance_pool.this.id

  access_control {
    group_name       = databricks_group.auto.display_name
    permission_level = "CAN_ATTACH_TO"

  access_control {
    group_name       = databricks_group.eng.display_name
    permission_level = "CAN_MANAGE"