Supported Databricks regions

These are the regions supported by Databricks.

The E2 version of the Databricks platform supports a subset of regions.

Region E2 platform
us-west-1: US West (Northern California) X
us-west-2: US West (Oregon) X
us-east-1: US East (Northern Virginia) X
us-east-2: US East (Ohio) X
ca-central-1: Canada (Central) X
sa-east-1: South America (Sao Paolo)  
eu-west-1: EU (Ireland) X
eu-west-2: EU (London) X
eu-west-3: EU (Paris)  
eu-central-1: EU (Frankfurt) X
ap-south-1: Asia Pacific (Mumbai) X
ap-southeast-2: Asia Pacific (Sydney) X
ap-southeast-1: Asia Pacific (Singapore)  
ap-northeast-2: Asia Pacific (Seoul)  
ap-northeast-1: Asia Pacific (Tokyo) X


To encrypt managed services (which includes notebook and secret data in the control plane) or workspace storage, your Databricks account must be on the E2 version of the Databricks platform in a supported E2 region. However, you cannot use region us-west-1 for customer-managed keys.